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This non-profit association has a mission to help the local community of San Felipe. The Community Center is a place where people, and more importantly children, can receive breakfast before school, temporary shelter, medical assistance, food, clothing, brigades and more.

The vision is to transform our community by providing basic help, education, health care, principles and values for a better life to help each person to overcome their situation.

For every annual or semi-annual Mexican car insurance policy purchased, Baja Sunrise will sponsor a child for a month! In addition to getting the best rates for insurance, you will have the satisfaction of helping with this great project! It is our way of giving back to our community.

Beginning August 29nd, the Community Center of San Felipe will feed children at two local schools that are currently unable to offer children’s meals during the school week. Additionally, breakfasts will be served every Saturday at the Community Center for a total 600 meals per week. 


For more information or if you are interested on visiting the community center , please contact :

Phone: (686)577-23-53

From USA: 011.52.(686)577-1622

Thank you for your interest!.

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